Roveka Impex SRL

Roveka Impex SRL is an fine example of good cooperation between the old and new members of the European Union.  

The company has been established in 2006, by a Dutch entrepreneur who is already 30 years active in the calf sector; the commercial flows are mainly between Romania, Hongaria, Turkey, Belgium and the Netherlands.

Because of good marketing we are the ideal partner when you are selling calf. In a short time we have build a good faith relationship with many costumers by making good agreements together and by keeping these always.

Roveka is located in western Romania in the province Bihor at Ianosda.


What makes our young firm strong:

  • Immediate payment when the calf are bought
  • Flexible opportunities for collection and delivery
  • Capacity to receive and export over 1000 calf per week
  • Transparent quality conditions
  • Facilities to keep calf in quarantine

 Roveka indirectly has a long experience in trading calf.


Buying calf:

On the following days you can offer calfs at our collection centre, from Monday to Friday, from 08.00-17.00 hours.

Do you live outside the Bihor region, want to sell calf, but you are not able to transport these ?

You can call us (see telephone numbers) and arrange the transport. We work together with various local traders. Moreover you may find our agent Claudiu on almost every cattle market.

Elvina en Gabi glad to meet and negotiate with you.


Value of a calf:

Calf are distinguished in 3 different classes of quality, with each an appropriate buying price. The quality of a calf is determent by the buyer and seller together, similar with the public cattle market and depends on the following factors:

  • Weight
  • Sort
  • Race
  • Health
  • Age
  • Hair colour

When a calf is qualified for the category “white-meat-calf”, we offer you an additional bonus, because this category is best appreciated.

When you have further questions, please call us. Gabi and Simona are happy to provide answers to all your questions.



The offered calf will be refused when

  • the calf is not registrated
  • the calf is missing earmarks

Conditions for the category “white-meat-calf”:

  • Sort 8
  • Between 48-60 kg
  • Age between 14-35 days
  • Correct registration and health.


The calf are exported with our own transportation


Roveka Impex SRL